OpenPOWER at OpenCompute Summit 2018

I usually write about engineering topics surrounding openPOWER servers in this blog. This time, I thought it would be nice to extend that to list exciting things that are going to be shared at OCP Summit 2018

If you are attending Open Compute Summit 2018 (March 20-21) in San Jose, and want to see some cool things that OpenPOWER is bringing to the Open Compute eco-system, you are in the right place.



Here’s a list of things you could attend / visit to see what’s in store with Power9 in OCP form-factor .


Engineering Talks:

Accelerator Eco-System on Google / Rackspace – Zaius / Barreleye G2 Server

Tri-mode (SAS / SATA / NVMe) Storage Solution on Rackspace OCP Barreleye G2 Server

Accelerating Flash Memory with the High-Performance, Low-Latency OpenCAPI Interface

Hardware Showcase at OpenPOWER booth # C6 :

Witness OpenPOWER innovation in OCP form-factor servers

Zaius Tray , Google

Barreleye G2 Server, Rackspace

OCP Power9 Tray , Inventec

Molex Flash Storage AcceleratorĀ  .

OpenCAPI adapters – Alpha Data & Innova 2 (Mellanox)


Witness Gen4 Storage / Networks (2x faster) and OpenCAPI / NVLink 2.0 (3x faster) demos:

a) Gen4 based 2x 100 GbE networking

b) Gen4 based Storage Speeds

c) Tri-mode , Interchangeable SAS / SATA / NVMe storage

d) OpenCAPI buffer demo running at 25 GT/s (3x faster than PCIe Gen3)

OpenPOWER Member Booth at OCP:

a) Mellanox . Booth # C5

b) Broadcom: Booth #