How to setup Megaraid Volume in Petitboot using Storcli

If this is your first time bringing up a OpenPOWER server and you wanted a to setup a megaRAID volume before you do an install: You should be reading this.

In order to  do this

  1. Power on the server and wait for Petitboot menu to show on your VGA or Out of Band console. This should take 4-5 mins .
  2. When should get to Petitboot menu and then press “Exit to Shell” option as show below:

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 11.31.40 AM

3. Once in petitboot shell, you can access a plugged in thumb drive with storcli64 binary or scp / wget the same binary from Petitboot shell. I am providing the binary corresponding to latest here:

4.  change ‘storcli64’ permissions :   “chmod 777 storcli64”

5.  Now you can use this storcli64 binary to create a VD that you can subsequently install. Here is a dictionary of Storcli commands you can use for doing the same:

Show all physical drives:

./storcli64 /c0 /eall /sall show

Show existing VD

 ./storcli64 /c0 /vall show

Delete ALL Existing VD

./storcli64 /c0 /vall del force

Configure: Add everything to RAID 0 ( Based on number of drives you have, command changes, in my case it was 14 drives)

 ./storcli64 /c0 add vd type=r0 drives=0:0-14

Show new VD

 ./storcli64 /c0 /vall show


 ./storcli64 /c0 /vall start init

Check if everything is online:

./storcli64 /c0 /eall /sall show


6 thoughts on “How to setup Megaraid Volume in Petitboot using Storcli

  1. Cameron says:

    I see the issue now… When I checked the binary on RHEL6, the information wasn’t very concise. I checked it on a much more modern dist/release and it’s clearly a PPC64 binary.

    Will these PPC64 MegaRAID utilities be released formally? I’d imagine so. Having just this binary is a good start, but I would expect the full suite has prebuilt tools for notifying you of drive errors, etc. For now, I can write my own scripts around this tool so this is fine. Thank you for providing this binary!


    • adigangidi says:

      Hi Cameron, These binaries are also official released in a deb / rpm package. I provided the final binary in my blog post mainly to help people get started quickly. Would you like a link to the official version ?


  2. Cameron says:

    Coming back after quite some time. I finally have my OpenPOWER system running with a Megaraid 9361… However, I am seeing about 50-60% of the performance that I should be seeing. I also have an x86-64 box with the same controller and drives, and performance is about where I’d expect it to be.

    Can you share what kind of numbers you’re seeing? I’d like to narrow down if this is an issue with the megaraid sas driver on POWER, or possibly something else (maybe even my own fault?).

    I’m seeing about 250 MB/s for both reads and and writes on a RAID10 volume (SAS disks) on the POWER system. On the x86-64 box, I’m seeing about 450 MB/s.

    With the SATA SSD’s I have configured in JBOD mode (so they’re just individual disks), I’m getting about 200-230 MB/s for writes, and ~250 MB/s for reads. I’ve tested this same model of SSD on the x86-64 system. I am seeing about 450 MB/s for reads and writes.


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